P & P Journeys
"Where Fitness on the Outside begins on the Inside. We make people feel good!"

1:1 and Group Personal Training

These services are offered in the privacy of your own home, or at a convenient facility that supports independent service professionals.  The frequency, duration, and length of the training services is based on the journey and measureable results.

Supplement and Nutritional Coaching

The average individual is nutrient deficient.  Our foods don't include the nutrients that our parents enjoyed.  Assessments are completed to pinpoint where you may be deficient, or what is getting in the way of your performance, weight loss, and general well being results.

As a Pilates Professional, these services are
available to the individual looking to
enhance their core strength, posture, and breathing
whilelengthening their muscles.  This a training
approach used by athletes and participants
of general fitness.
Ropes Conditioning
As 1 of only 3 Certified Level 1 
Instructors in Minnesota 
I offer this very popular training for athletes 
and families.  Recently it's been made 
popular by programs like 'The Biggest
Loser'. It is offered on site at different 
centers and school locations.
The training enhances core and grip
strength, muscular strength and 
endurance and it's results show on the
scale and the performance field, court or ice.

pH Balance Testing for Health and Performance
Acidity in the body is destroying us without our knowledge.  Easy testing can inform you right away and get you on a path that supports your health, wellness, and performance goals mentally, physically, and spiritually! 
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