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DJ is CEO and Founder of P & P Journey's, LLC, in Minnesota. She is certified as a personal trainer, a golf biomechanic, a corrective exercise specialist, and pilates instructor.  As a tenured professional of 18 years, she has worked for and participated with profit and non-profit organizations.  She has competed in body building and power lifting with her favorite lift being a 345 pound deadlift.  In the endurance arena she has completed Olympic Distance Triathlons in Disney and Maui, a Century Ride in Tahoe, and the Honolulu Marathon.  DJ is available for 1:1 and group training in the Twin Cities Metro and Surrounding Areas.

Why do I train or exercise?  
I truly believe there is a mind, body, and spirit connection.  This isn't religion! This is "feeling good from the inside out".  When people feel good they have greater clarity of thought, they are more confident, and they have peace of mind.  They are empowered to deal with all that life dishes out.  This is quite the opposite of feeling stressed, lethargic, and undecided about all that is going on around you.  A "feeling of loss of control".

Why am I a personal trainer?
My journey started as a "computer geek" with Honeywell, Inc. in 1984.  After 8 years and feeling as I described above, I hired a trainer.  My stress level dropped immediately and I could "think again".  I believe everyone deserves to experience this feeling.  As a personal trainer, I train and support others in their experience. "Their Journey".

Why Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and LinkedIn?
We are sooooooooooooooo busy!! Every one of us is using and accessing tools for different reasons.  As a professional in this industry, I'm even challenged to stay informed!  Through these different tools, I am committed to provide as much "applied information" as possible.  The absense of it and the "what we don't know can't hurt us" mantra is doing more harm to us mentally, physically, and spiritually than we could ever imagine.  Too many of us are frogs in the pot and we don't know it!!
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